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Lumosine service

Lumosine service

A limousine service gives you a pleasure through travel from one place to another place that you are selected, though you can enjoy with your friends including girls, drinks, and music.

How it works

This service involves a big car there inside a large hall which has a place for dj and place for dance and place for drink and place for eat. You have 2 girls with you, given from our side so they dance with you and serves the drinks and food near to you, also they will do some more entertaining things to satisfy you. And You can only touch them or either kiss them but you are not allowed to do anything rather than this.

So this service will help you to enjoy with your friends like if you would like to give a party for them then this will be the perfect one, so to avail this service you need to book by calling us at anytime and we will always be in touch with you 24/7.

Available Girls

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